YWC Productions

Terms & Conditions

BOOKING | A non-refundable 50% deposit payment is required to book in a wedding ceremony package with YWC Productions (‘YWC’) The job will not be booked in unless the 50% of the total amount is received.

PAYMENT | A tax invoice will be submitted to the client once the quote has been approved. Payment can be made via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

The balance must be paid in full to YWC, no less than 14 days prior to your event date.

DELIVERY, INSTALLATION, DISMANTLE |    Packages include delivery to a Sydney or Hunter Valley location, set-up, 2 hour ceremony window, followed by a full pack down. Included in the standard YWC ceremony package is transport within Sydney and the Hunter Valley region. If you required a transport to a location on the South Coast or to the Southern Highlands your order will incur an additional cost of $150.

Delivery times will be discussed through out the course of the relationship between YWC and the client. Delivery times will be confirmed one week out from the event.

Delivery of the items in the ordered package will be made as close as possible to the required location. However, if vehicle access is limited and staff needs to carry items over 20m and/or up and down stairs, a carry fee will be charged.

It is the client’s responsibility to communicate any access limitations to YWC at least two weeks before the event. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

CANCELLATION | Cancellation of any service booked with YWC should be made in writing and received by YWC no less than 28 days prior to date of the booked event clearly stating the reason for cancellation.

Failure to cancel within the specified timescale will mean that the client will incur the full booking fee to be paid in full by the booked event date.

If the client should need to cancel the booking any money that has been paid to YWC will be refunded, excluding the non-refundable deposit.

ADDITIONAL ITEMS | All labor or products required on top of what is already provided in each package will incur an additional cost quoted prior to those services being completed/items purchased.

Should YWC make any purchases on your behalf (for example flowers) the payment will be made on your behalf to the third party with an additional invoice payable by the client to YWC.

WET WEATHER | All furniture included in YWC ceremony packages is NOT waterproof, therefore suitable and appropriate wet weather cover for all items included in the packages must be approved by YWC before the items will be released.

Please feel free to discuss your wet weather options with YWC and where possible YWC will make suggestions on how to make your wedding ceremony weatherproof.

Your Wedding Ceremony is not responsible for any changes in climate or weather that may influence or change wedding plans. We reserve the right to use our judgment and make decisions based on experience and professionalism in regards to how the weather will affect ceremony proceedings. Final determination as to the use of the equipment supplied by YWC rests with YWC.

DAMAGE | The client will be held liable for all costs of repair or replacement, to any item damaged at the event or while hired. Damage includes (but is not limited to) breakages and water damage.

STOLEN PROPERTY | The client will be invoiced for any property stolen from YWC in the sum of the replacement cost.

CONDITION | It is the responsibility of the client to be aware of the condition the items are received in. Where items are soiled or broken/damaged in any way it must be brought to the attention of YWC as soon as possible.

COPYRIGHT | Your Wedding Ceremony owns all intellectual property, including all designs, documentation and plans created in relations to the event. Any evidence of breach of copyright may be subject to legal action.

Images taken by YWC of your event or yourself may be used for advertising on social media, website and in print.

LIABILITY & INDEMNITY | The client will indemnify and keep indemnified YWC and its employees, agents and subcontractors against any loss, damage or injury however caused from any negligent act, omission or breach of this contract by or of the client or its agents or guests, which occurs during the event except to the extent to which the loss, damage or injury is caused by YWC or its employees, agents or subcontractors.