Seasons Plate Dalwood Spring

Inspired by the artwork painted by Donna Buck, Spring at Dalwood we designed and produced a long lunch that celebrates the colours of spring, the rustic estate and the idea of sharing a meal with friends. Collaborators Commissioned by Dalwood Estate Flowers by Botanica Bird for YWC ywc productions canGive Your Event Lifebook a free

Return to Rio

An annual music festival for 4000 eager electronic music lovers. Our brief was to interpret the magical world of Pandora and bring it life. Working on this festival four years in a row each year saw us create fantastical worlds that together with the music transported you to another time. Collaborators Commissioned by Return to

The Powder Room

An activation created by women for women. Set in an art deco styled powder room, in the middle of Westfield this pop up event captured the eyes and the hearts of all those who participated in it. Collaborators Commissioned by Westfield Kotara Event design and management by YWC Productions Set design and build by YWC