5 Tips on Keeping Your Wedding Within Budget. 

5 Tips on Keeping Your Wedding Within Budget 1

DO NOT DIY! Contrary to popular belief this in NOT a cheaper option to take when you are organizing the your wedding day. There are so many fantastic wedding vendors out there and they exist because they are good at what they do and have lots of experience with various of venues and suppliers. Hire those professionals to make your day look and feel the way you always imagined. Employing professionals will take a lot of the stress of organizing a wedding away from you as well as controlling those last minute cash blow outs. Which brings me to tip number 2:

THERE WILL BE LAST MINUTE CASH BLOW OUTS so prepare for this early on and put aside a portion of your budget to cover the last minute costs. Putting aside this contingency fund will ensure you don’t go over your intended budget.

PUT TOGETHER A BUDGET – Sit down and make up an excel spreadsheet. Ask your friends who have been married before how much you can expect to pay for certain services and be realistic when you are budgeting your wedding. It will not cost $150 for a wedding cake.

BE HONEST WITH YOUR SUPPLIERS. Tell them up front how much you have to spend on this service, this is very helpful to a supplier and allows them to be honest with you, suggesting ways they can best meet your needs for the budget you have allocated.

BOOK YOUR CEREMONY FURNITURE when you book you celebrant. Ceremony furniture can be an after thought and can often get left till the last minute when relying on family members to set up chairs is a common occurrence. If you are getting hitched outside of a church you will need a signing table and signing table chairs to sign your wedding registry mid ceremony. You will also need at least 12 guest chairs for the older guests or close family to sit on. Your wedding Ceremony has made booking in your ceremony furniture as easy as possible by creating three beautiful furniture packages to chose from. We have included all the essential furniture for a comfortable and stylish wedding ceremony.

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